SpaceTime by Narcy

Narcy’s latest album, SpaceTime, hits listeners with a galactic explosion of fierce beats and mind warping lyrics, all infused with a universe of musical influences – from the rich plains of Iraqi chobi to the vocal bounties of Colombia.

The album, a 45 minute journey through the bass thumping emotions of a diasporic traveller, delivers a sound bigger than the biggest planets. We recently caught up with the Montreal based Iraqi rapper, actor, author and educator to find out more about where, how, when and why this album was born. This what we had to say.

Watch / listen: Narcy – SpaceTime (ft Mashrou’ Leila)
Q: What is in this album? A: SpaceTime is an album that is very much my most collaborative record that I’ve done. It’s about communities who require space, both socially and culturally, to start telling their own stories and taking the time to do it. It’s also about the fact that we all live in coinciding universes and times, and everything is happening simultaneously in the world – all the suffering, all the happiness, all the births, all the deaths, all the people coming together simultaneously, but we really don’t experience life in that way. That’s really what SpaceTime is about. It’s about the overlapping realities that we all exist in, both personally and culturally. This album is about that experience of being in a certain moment of time which is this moment, one that all these artists (featured on the album) coexist in and create. It’s very much not just my album, but it’s made by everyone else that’s on it.

Q: Why did you create this album? Who is it for? A: I did this album for my children, as I did (my previous album) World War Free for my son, I did SpaceTime for my children and their generation to know that the generation before them was taking the time to carve out this space for them to exist in.

Q: When is the best time to listen to SpaceTime? A: The best time to listen to this record is probably on a drive or on a flight somewhere. It’s very much a travelling record and it flows as one 45 minute set. It’s not really song by song although songs were written as singles. I made it for you to experience it as a whole so I would say that the best time to listen to this is during travel.

Q: Where can people listen to SpaceTime? A: People can grab it on all online sources, on all streaming platforms, and the vinyl will be coming out in the new year.

Narcy can be found on Twitter at @TheNarcicyst. For merch, and all matters related to his work, writings, podcast and music – visit