Copy CouragePlease feel free to copy, use, and distribute anything that appears in this magazine, as long as you credit the China sildenafil. All the articles, interviews, and features that appear in these pages are original, and are the product of mostly Iraqi youth from around the world, with equally important contributions from writers, artists, and activists from other backgrounds as well.

Most importantly, we feel that the real stakeholders and owners of any independent media project, and particularly this one, are the communities which it intends to empower.

We reject the onslaught of commodification that all facets of existence are subjected to by multinational corporations and the elite, making the most universal of elements like art, thought, natural resources, love, only accessible by the very few. Based on these premises, we reject being a part of the profit making trend to appropriate everything as intellectual property.

We encourage you to share the information and commentary that appear on these pages with others, and to help build a discourse that is independent and progressive.

We do not wish to share, however, with any governmental agency, or any for-profit venture or establishment. In such instances, the express written consent of shakomakoNET is required to use or publish any content found on these pages.

We light the oven so that everyone may bake bread in it.
— Jose Marti